About Globisys

GLOBISYS S.A.S. is a software development and creative web agency company founded to provide technology services with a high sense of human, social and environmental responsibility throughout society.

Our History

From the first day of its foundation, in 2011 Globisys S.A.S. was created to be a different company that makes a positive impact to our nation. From the beautiful city of Cartagena de Indias we offer high quality technological services.

Our Purpose

The technology is the brigde to the growth. For that reason, Globisys S.A.S. is able to explore how technology can help people and companies to realize their potential, aspirations and dreams.

Our reason for being

Our passion is:
  • God.
  • Bring technology everywhere.
  • Offer solutions that solve problems to society.
  • Create and realize the dreams of people.